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Learn the Superior Persuasion Techniques that Turn Average Professionals into Compelling Leaders, in Less than 7 Weeks, 15 Minutes a Day

Forget "influence tricks". You don't need more tricks. You need a system.

Any persuasion or communication book can teach you cheap tricks.

And they can work... for a while.

But top executives don't resort to cheap tricks.

They use proven, systematic, replicable systems to persuade different stakeholders in the long-term.

To pitch. To sell. To present. To handle objections.

The best executives resort to a system.

And the best of the best resort to my system.

Happy Executive Clients

Manuel Arteaga, CEO, Octogone Europe, Authorized Director, AV Group Ltd

The Best Coach I've Worked With

Manuel Arteaga, CEO, Octogone Europe, Authorized Director, AV Group Ltd

Vasco is the best coach I have worked with. He is giving me a great added value and I can get proven results for me and my company. He is always seeking my best interests and leading me to find the best out of me. His knowledge of top private finance sales and persuasion principles help you to make the right decision.

Introducing: Ultimate Persuasion Psychology

58 techniques for all possible corporate use cases, 10 hours of video, plus some 1-on-1 coaching time.

  • How to determine a professional's language patterns and use them to persuade them

  • How to negotiate in any kind of situation - even if the other side is not eager to

  • How to position your product or initiative as best-in-class and make it be seen that way.

  • How to handle both logical and emotional objections with simple systems

  • How to optimize communication in presenting, 1-on-1 pitching, or any other situation

  • How to optimize your presence to have more intensity, charisma as a leader

  • How to lock people into commitment, even when they don't want to (especially then!)

  • How to make someone feel understood to a deep level, agreeing to your ask

  • How to speak to someone's particular needs and goals, having more authority when pitching or selling

  • How to reframe your vulnerabilities into actual strengths that make you more of an authority

The Four Use Cases

Many persuasion courses focus just on sales, just on negotiation, or others. The UPP course applies every one of the 58 techniques to four key use cases:

  • Sales and marketing - persuading to sell

  • Personal life - convincing your friends and family

  • Corporate life - persuading to get buy-in

  • Fundraising - raising money from institutions or funds

Happy Executive Clients

Debbie Emmanuel, Managing Director, Unicon Property Management UK

Quickly Blew My Expectations Out The Window

Debbie Emmanuel, Managing Director, Unicon Property Management UK

Vasco quickly blew my expectations out the window on our first session, he held nothing back and immediately delivered quality content. A genuinely caring and passionate person who has helped to bring out the best in me. I am quite dynamic in character and skill but Vasco has encouraged me to diversify my thinking in order to maximise my results. This is no gimmick, Vasco always over delivers and you get more than what you pay for, you will not meet anyone more dedicated to your success. I am really really happy with his coaching and I couldn't recommend him enough. Vasco thank you for your time and for opening my eyes to another side of me.

What Is Included In Ultimate Persuasion Psychology

  • 58 Techniques (10h+) In Video Format

    Lifetime, on-demand access to video of 58 techniques and their applications.

  • Persuasion Wiki

    Lifetime access to the premium Persuasion Wiki, a backup resource to the video course.

  • 1-Hour Coaching Call

    A course will never fit your specific real-life needs, so a 1-hour coaching call is included.

Happy Clients

Victor Zambrano, Director for 3D Printing at Point of Care, Johnson & Johnson

A Unique and Insightful Experience

Victor Zambrano, Director for 3D Printing at Point of Care, Johnson & Johnson

Vasco's coaching toolbox is wide and deep, and he uses it with swift expertise, making the client experience a very interesting and rewarding journey. His style is close-up, personal and quite empathetic. This makes for a very unique and insightful experience in each of his sessions. In my experience results came up fast and plenty - keeping you engaged in a fast-paced growth process.

All Course Videos (Click to navigate)

97 videos, 10+ hours, 58 techniques

  • 1


    • Course Structure + Disclaimers
    • Why Persuasion?
    • All 58 Techniques
    • The Influence Wiki
    • Influence Wiki Password
  • 2


    • 01 Intro
    • 02 Exclusivity: 01 Intro
    • 02 Exclusivity: 02 Limited Access
    • 02 Exclusivity: 02 Limited Access - Quiz
    • 02 Exclusivity: 03 Specialization
    • 02 Exclusivity: 03 Specialization - Quiz
    • 02 Exclusivity: 04 Secrecy
    • 03 Authority: 01 Intro
    • 03 Authority: 02 Diagnostic
    • 03 Authority: 02 Diagnostic - Quiz
    • 03 Authority: 03 Abundance and Cost
    • 03 Authority: 04 Adverse Transparency
    • 03 Authority: 05 Displayed Authority
    • 03 Authority: 06 Social Proof
    • 04 Identification
    • 05 Positioning
    • 06 Outro
  • 3


    • 01 Intro
    • 02 Target Changes: 01 Intro
    • 02 Target Changes: 02 Desire
    • 02 Target Changes: 03 Characteristics
    • 02 Target Changes: 04 Identity Labeling
    • 02 Target Changes: 05 Mood and Physiology
    • 03 Situational Changes
    • 04 Effort: 01 Intro
    • 04 Effort: 02 Rigidity
    • 04 Effort: 03 The Home Advantage
    • 04 Effort: 04 Initiative
    • 04 Effort: 05 Obstacles and Testing
    • 04 Effort: 06 Indoctrination
    • 04 Effort: 07 Escalation of Commitment
    • 04 Effort: 08 Code of Conduct
    • 05 Money
    • 06 Outro
  • 4


    • 01 Intro
    • 02 Personal Cues: 01 Intro
    • 02 Personal Cues: 02 Presence
    • 02 Personal Cues: 03 Exposure and Familiarity
    • 03 Empathy: 01 Intro
    • 03 Empathy: 02 Statements of Empathy
    • 03 Empathy: 03 Influence Archetypes
    • 03 Empathy: 04 Mirroring
    • 04 Reciprocity: 01 Intro
    • 04 Reciprocity: 02 Giving
    • 04 Reciprocity: 03 Personal Touch
    • 04 Reciprocity: 04 Return Timing
    • 05 Outro
  • 5


    • 01 Intro
    • 02 Provoking: 01 Intro
    • 02 Provoking: 02 Exclusion Confirmation
    • 02 Provoking: 03 Negative Anchoring
    • 02 Provoking: 04 Starting with the Negative
    • 02 Provoking: 05 Preemptive Labeling
    • 02 Provoking: 06 Adverse Transparency
    • 02 Provoking: 07 Implementation and Trials
    • 03 Weakening: 01 Intro
    • 03 Weakening: 02 The Possibility Shuffle
    • 03 Weakening: 03 Value Identity Contradictions
    • 03 Weakening: 04 Social identity Contradictions
    • 03 Weakening: 05 Plowing
    • 03 Weakening: 06 Manipulating Emotion
    • 04 Responding: 01 Intro
    • 04 Responding: 02 UP Answers
    • 04 Responding 02 UP Answers - Quiz
    • 04 Responding: 03 Four Ways: 01 Intro
    • 04 Responding: 03 Four Ways: 02 Flipping
    • 04 Responding: 03 Four Ways: 03 Reshaping
    • 04 Responding: 03 Four Ways: 04 Accelerating
    • 04 Responding: 03 Four Ways: 05 Diagnosing
    • 05 Outro
  • 6


    • 01 Intro
    • 02 Effort Manipulation: 01 Intro
    • 02 Effort Manipulation: 02 Streamlining
    • 02 Effort Manipulation: 03 Implementation Intention
    • 02 Effort Manipulation: 03 Implementation Intention - Quiz
    • 02 Effort Manipulation: 04 Progress and Loss
    • 02 Effort Manipulation: 05 Removing Exits
    • 03 Context Manipulation: 01 Intro
    • 03 Context Manipulation: 02 Framing and Contrast
    • 03 Context Manipulation: 03 Option Set Change
    • 03 Context Manipulation: 04 Salience
    • 04 Reinforcers: 01 Intro
    • 04 Reinforcers: 02 Intent Labeling
    • 04 Reinforcers: 03 Future Lock-In
    • 04 Reinforcers: 04 Justifications
    • 04 Reinforcers: 05 Logical vs. Emotional
    • 05 Limiters: 01 Intro
    • 05 Limiters: 02 Eliciting Multiple Reasons
    • 05 Limiters: 03 Social Identity Contradictions Redux
    • 06 Outro
  • 7


    • In Closing

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Happy Clients

Christoph Wamlek, Institutional Sales, PATENTPOOL High-Value Fund

A Most Trusted Confidante

Christoph Wamlek, Institutional Sales, PATENTPOOL High-Value Fund

Vasco Patrício, I found, is an outstanding personal coach for top management issues, particularly in sales. Vasco IHMO is of formidable intelligence, very fast, will listen and respond, has a trove of concepts and recommendations at his disposition, is amicable and straightforward, positive, and always supportive. Life sometimes presents nuts to crack, issues you find complex or lonely to solve. Every single coaching session with Vasco has allowed me to better prepare for crystal-clear targetting, approach and solution, enhancing my self-confidence, driving me to succeed. I wholeheartedly recommend Vasco as personal coach prior to any top management decision making, or on an ongoing basis in top-level business matters, as friend and most trusted confidante.


  • How time-consuming is the course?

    You can immediately start applying any technique in less than 10 minutes.

    There are 58 techniques in total. A video for each that is between 5-10 minutes.

    If you wish, you can watch every single video and try every single technique (recommended in the long-term), but you can also take 1-2 techniques right away and have something actionable in less than 15 minutes.

  • How customised is the course?

    The course presents a total of 58 techniques. Each one of these is illustrated for four specific uses cases (the most frequent in the corporate world):

    - Sales and marketing (selling and positioning products or services);
    - Personal life (personal relationships);
    - Corporate situations (persuading bosses, executives, employees;
    - Fundraising (for financial institutions, companies, NGOs);

  • Is this for me?

    This course will probably be a great fit if:
    - You want practical, actionable techniques to use in the next meeting;
    - You want to use them in an executive context (with bosses, employees, executives, shareholders);
    - You come from an honest, transparent frame;
    - You understand that these techniques are powerful, but not a universal fix ("great but possible" progress vs. "perfect but impossible");

    This will NOT be a fit if:
    - You are expecting a "silver bullet" ("just fix everything for me");
    - You are expecting deep theory;

  • What support do you provide?

    Our team is here for you. Any questions can be sent via email and we will reply as soon as possible.

    You have a 1-hour coaching call with Vasco included to tackle your specific issues.

    And in case the course is not a fit, naturally, you have a 30-day money-back guarantee (no questions asked).

  • How is this different from other persuasion/sales/negotiation products?

    Excellent question. In my point of view, as good as the present persuasion products are, they usually fall short in one of three ways:

    1) They are sleazy. Outdated snake oil salesmen telling you to hypnotize people or "say a magic word";
    2) They are too academical. Empiral frameworks for persuasion that... you can't use. Dry and boring (am I reading the encyclopedia? I just want this to be over...);
    3) They are anecdotal. Full of cute personal stories, but you get the feeling the person doesn't know what they're talking about. Highly speculative;

    Ultimate Persuasion Psychology overcomes those three by presenting actionable, tested strategies for honest and straightforward persuasion. No snake oil. No academics. No anecdotes.

  • Is the program too basic/too complex?

    I'll be the first to admit that striking a balance between the deep psychological workings and the applications of these techniques is a sensitive one.

    This being said, I do believe I have mastered it. You will find both complex techniques distilled down to actionable steps (identity planting, behavioral association, etc), but also basic ones with sophisticated twists (social proof, displayed authority, etc).

    Each technique, in its own video, contains a section with sub-techniques. This allows a casual student to start from the foundations and an advanced one to skip to the advanced applications.

    It's my belief the course will provide value for both beginners and advanced users (as it already has for many students!).

  • What credentials do you have in terms of persuasion?

    I could tell you I have a PhD in psychology from Harvard, but that would be a lie. The only credentials I have are the results of my clients.

    I actually started as an MIT-backed startup founder turned startup founder coach and then executive coach, having developed these techniques in the last 5-10 years.

    I don't consider that a weakness, but actually a strength. Because it means the only reason my clients stay with me is due to the results. They don't seek me due to credentials or diplomas. They only seek me and respect me because these techniques actually work.

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